Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

i have an agent!

(16:27:07) todd: Hey.. you dar buddyboy?
(16:27:27) brad: yeah
(16:27:36) brad: i'm rocking out here
(16:27:44) todd: record it and let me hear it!
(16:27:50) todd: or do the voice thingy over aim
(16:31:15) brad: i use gaim. :P
(16:31:21) brad: dont' have a mic on this machine anyway
(16:31:26) brad: i'm gonna make some mp3s though
(16:31:27) todd: oh cool cool
(16:31:29) brad: i'll put 'em in my journal
(16:31:36) todd: yah! i'll bearshare them! you'll be huge
(16:31:41) brad: hahah
(16:31:45) todd: let me be your agent
(16:31:48) todd: i'll take care of you
(16:31:55) todd: just sign here : X_____________________
(16:32:21) brad: brad fitz
(16:32:30) todd: woohoo!
(16:32:33) todd: okay, now
(16:32:38) todd: pay your agent fees
(16:32:49) todd: or.. maybe we can work something out....
(16:32:50) brad: 100% of my profits!?
(16:32:52) brad: $0 !!
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