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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Rearranged room [Sep. 4th, 2001|10:16 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
I rearranged my room last night at like 3am. Swapped the bed & closet (er, "wardrobe") such that the closet will block the two corner windows. .. I have 6 huge windows in this room... half my walls are glass. Annoying. Too much light ... wakes me up.

Actually, this morning I got woke up by some reporter. I can't even remember if I was amiable ... probably not. I guess they don't understand my sleeping schedule.

But I'm up now! I didn't go back to bed. 4-9 ... who needs more than 5 hours of sleep? I figure I'll go to bed at a normal time tonight, which I need to start doing since I have to adjust to waking up at 7:30 soon for school. (yes, I'm stupid and took another 8:30 class)

I had a bunch of great ideas today in the shower... but one I can share! (non-LJ boring) I wanted some tater tots but I didn't want to make them (so hard, you know). I thought, "Hey, Chuck can make them and then we'll share them." We both win --- he gets food for effort and I get food for money (I had bought them last week). Then I realized, "Shit ... that's like a pre-80's marriage!" Those guys really had it figured out.

Anyway, I preheated & spread the taters in a single layer. Chuck put them in the oven when it was ready. Guess we're doing the new marriage thang. :P

Now to work on LJ stuff ... or maybe clean that pile that's still in the middle of my room. (I've been gradually attacking it from both sides)

Update: There's a ghost in my room. I wonder if he'll help me program ... I have a lot to do today.

(10:27:51) brad: ETA on tater tots, dear?
(10:28:03) Chuck: one second honey, let me check
(10:28:26) Chuck: six minutes
(10:28:30) brad: rock

(11:07:30) Nick: dude... what exactly is a pre-80s marriage?
(11:08:09) Brad: woman cooks.
(11:08:33) Nick: ahhh....
(11:08:35) Brad: like, on those old black & white TV shows
(11:08:39) Brad: and makes pies and shit
(11:08:41) Nick: pleasantville
(11:08:43) Brad: word
(11:08:49) Brad: until that fucking color came along
(11:08:58) Brad: then she was all out of the kitchen
(11:09:11) Nick: god damn uppity-women
(11:09:18) Nick: get back in the kitchen ho!
(11:10:00) Brad: Hah: look at the dictionary.com definition for uppity... great quote: "was getting a little uppity and needed to be slapped down" (New York Times)
(11:11:21) Nick: you had to look uppity up in the fucking dictionary?
(11:11:31) Brad: bitch. :P

[User Picture]From: brad
2001-09-04 10:51 am (UTC)
you're just jealous i got somebody to make tater tots for me. :P
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