Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Been watching more DVDs lately ... fun stuff. I can work on my laptop on my futon and still watch.

Cleaning my room I found some DVDs that people had sent me when I was in Oregon and had forgot to enter in my DVD list.... thanks to darksoul for Cast Away, naygoo for Traffic, and graphxgrrl for Rising Sun (which I watched the other night... appreciated it a lot than I did 5 years ago when I saw it last).

Unfortunately I have two copies of Traffic now, since I bought one from my brother when I was down in Oregon... he had got it from Columbia House or something as a mandatory purchase so I just bought it from him instead. Anyway want a copy? :-)

Been reading the dvds community and updating my Amazon wishlist. I haven't bought DVDs in a long time... been spending money on other things I probably don't need (guitar, CoolEdit 2000, etc...)

Tired. Nap time after movie? Probably not..... I need to force myself to stay awake.

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