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Brad Fitzpatrick

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work work [Sep. 6th, 2001|03:29 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Finished this, now off to InterNAP to work on a server.

[User Picture]From: billiam
2001-09-06 09:15 am (UTC)

goddamn dood

I got phuckan tired just LOOKIN at dat shit... i dunno how you do it.

are u achually getting anythin outta this livejournal deal? I mean, really? I'm not tryin ta get inta yo bizness or anything, I'm just curious... cuz like, it seemz like any money anyone spends on paid accountz an shit goez ta servers an machines and other stuff that goes over my head... an lookin at dat shit right now makez my head spin... i mean, i know da shit aint easy.

i was just curious man. Cuz, I know I put a lotta work into wot I'm doin here, but I gotz plans for it too. I know dat it aint all just to do it. But sometimez I find myself goin "wot da phuck am I doin wastin my time on dis bullshit?!" And I know wot u r doin iz a million timez more stressful an more work than wot I'm doin.

I waz just wonderin iz all. I know u work hard at this, and I waz just hopin that you r gettin a pay off for it, cuz you deserve one. You r providin a kick ass service for apparently nothin in return... just askin dat peepz kick a few bucks your way every now an then ta keep it goin. I was just hopin dat u r gettin somethin bigger an better out of it, cuz it seems like a hell of a lotta work.
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