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Back in Seattle [Sep. 9th, 2001|09:38 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Back in Seattle ... traffic was good both yesterday and today.

PayPal is funny:
(21:32:59) brad: "Warning: Use of Instant Payment Notification requires web-programming knowledge. "
(21:33:02) brad: Hahahahahahahahah
(21:33:11) dormando: Hahah hahah hah.
(21:33:20) dormando: I'll kick them in the balls if they changed how it works without notifying anyone
(21:35:51) brad: me too
(21:35:55) brad: i got the left nut
(21:35:57) brad: you can get the right
(21:36:02) dormando: I got the right! whoohoooo

It seems that a few hours ago PayPal stopped working but we found a new option in the paypal preferences that shouldn't be necessary... we're wondering if they changed it on us.

From: ex_nathanr
2001-09-10 04:09 am (UTC)
It's a conspiracy, Brad...
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