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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Brad 1 Chuck -2 [Sep. 14th, 2001|06:47 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Went jet skiing with Chuck and Kenji after shopping. Fun stuff. Did a whole bunch of stuff ... found a tennis ball in the water... tried to peg each other with it while driving. Chuck and I tried to flip each other off.... I flipped him off once (he's scared of me driving... pussy) and he flipped himself over twice.

Came back and played on Kenji's electric piano ... it rules. I want one. Naah, I'll just play his now that his room doesn't stink (he Febreezed it). I was composing some mad shit ... brought tears & fears out of Chuck and Kenji. Then I played some Fur Elise ... slowly. Still weak reading bass clef.

Been looking into real-time sound effects processors for Linux. Found 3 or 4 that look promising. I have my real one, but it'd be cool to have one on my laptop. ;-)