Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Wireless Providers --- your opinions?

I'm going to ditch VoiceStream.

They've been slowly pissing me off over the past few months and it's time to move on. I want a new phone, I want more features, and I want to give money to a company I respect.

I used to get 500 text messages a month, then they changed my plan to only have "50 incoming ping pongs" per month, with a 5 cent charge for outgoing ones and incoming over 50. It's not the nickles that concern me... it's them being assholes and charging for a 1K packet-routed data transmission. Text messaging is the the easiest service for them to provide, technically. But now that it's popular they're charging for it. And the web-to-phone gateway sucks now.

What else? I can't get email on my phone or browse the web. Service has started to suck lately. They spam me with advertisements for their own company.

So.... If you're happy with your wireless provider, tell me about it. Who do you have, what plan, what features?

Here's what I want: cool phone, cool company, email/web access, free long distance (well, "free" in that long distance & local calls use the same minutes).
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