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Evening in Review [Sep. 20th, 2001|11:48 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Ate phớ with evan, meena, erik, morgan, and mobley. Good stuff.

Went to InterNAP then with Evan to install two new servers. We couldn't park in the underground parking lot right next to the elevators though, oh no ... stupid terrorists have caused InterNAP to cut off access while they "review their security policy" and instead we had to walk 3 blocks with these heavy fuckin' 1U (!!) servers. The cases are made out of thick steel or something... stupid. The ASL machines were light.

So anyway, where do I sign up for this war? My biceps are now strong from carrying the server in its big awkward box. I'm ready for hand-to-hand combat! :-P

Umm... I had something else to write but I forgot now. :-)

[User Picture]From: firewalkwithme
2001-09-21 07:05 am (UTC)
Frank ate your bike.

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[User Picture]From: nder
2001-09-22 12:16 am (UTC)
wtfever to InterNap. morons.
" if we can shut down LJ, the freeworld will come to an end!! muahahaha!"

yea.. presents.
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