Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Cool shit

I found a Washington Mutual close to my house --- no more going near the hellish U. District!

I found the 98115 post office close to my house --- no more going to 98105 on the Ave in the center of the U. District!

Hooray! And I bought a book of stamps with a $20 ... the bill reader accepts any bill in any of 4 directions. Finally. So it gave me 13 one dollar coins as change! I forgot about those! Kick ass.

Oh, and speaking of dumbasses earlier, I noticed Chuck wrote "WA" as the "Zip code" field of the return address on a bill I sent out. It said: "City, State" under one big line, then on the right "Zip" under a smaller line. His "City, State" was "Seattle" and the zip was "WA". I bet they love sending mail back to idiots like that. Let's hope he doesn't tutor people in writing return addresses. :-P

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