Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I had a dream two nights ago that I forgot to post about...

I was driving up near my parent's house in Oregon with some friends and we turned off some dirt road I'd never been on before and all the sudden I was off-roading in the dark and there was dune grass all around and stuff.

We came to some weird shanty in the middle of nowhere and knocked on the door. An old man answered and didn't say anything and led us downstairs where we found markle ... he was tutoring a bunch of people and we had to wait for a long time for him to finish, then we all went outside and he gave us peppermints and went back inside. So then we ate them and just as I put it in my mouth somebody I was with announced that it was actually acid, then we all started wondering why Mark would have given us acid.

Then I woke up.

Our front door's lock has been getting really difficult lately ... it's hard to unlock. But I figured out the secret! Insert key, pull out a hair until it clicks a little, then turn to the left. I opened the door for the first time today in under 10 seconds and was so proud of myself that I went to announce my discovery to Chuck:

Me: "Chuck, I figured out the front door!"
Chuck: "Oh, I know."
Me: "You know? What, pulling out?"
Chuck: "Yeah, that's the secret to everything."


Watched "Way of the Gun" today and made 9 short ethernet cables for LiveJournal ... we currently have these huge 15-20 foot ones in there for some of the machines when we only need 3 feet or so. Need to make some more later and watch another movie.

Spoke some German with Marion's mom earlier. It was awkward but fun ... we both had to speak very slowly. She couldn't understand English fast and I couldn't understand German fast. And both of our vocabularies sucked so we'd mix English and German. She always said "mit" instead of "with" when she tried to speak English, but who cares.. they sound the same. I was getting really frustrated when I couldn't say simple things. Luckily Marion was there to help out. Marion's mom will be in town until the 25th of October so I'll have 3 weeks of German before she leaves.

I should call Lindsey Rowen from high school... when I was hanging out with Dina earlier this summer Lindsey and I talked a bunch about German and Germany ... she told me to call her sometime. Heh ... maybe in a few months. :P
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