Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

click click

click click click click click nothing new nothing exciting click click click same ol' crap click click click click what am I still doing clicking crap? refresh click close open close open click click, umm....

internet's boring lately. I've started reading again but I still come sit on the computer out of habit out of a few minutes away and go through my click click routine.

heh, chuck just came in my room after working out outside.

Chuck: "yeah, I'm liking this working out stuff."
Me: (without looking up) "Great."
Chuck: "I'm starting to see progress," (while flexing and feeling himsefl)
Me: "I'll recognize progress when you have a chick in your bed."
Chuck: "Shit, that won't take long, I don't even need muscles for that... I already got the one muscle they want."

Heh. Classic.
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