Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Summer in review!

All my fellow U-Dubbers seem to be writing summer in review posts, so here goes mine before it turns midnight and I turn into a pumpkin homework robot:
  • worked on LJ nearly non-stop until the last week or so of summer
  • went jet skiing with Chuck and Kenji an uncountable number of times
  • traveled a bunch: cross country with Blythe & Whitaker, San Jose, San Francisco, (won some Webby Awards, got interviewed by Sam Donaldson) San Diego ... met a bunch of cool people.
  • hung out with Nick and AHS buddies in Portland for 3 weeks or so
  • bought a guitar and started learning how to play after my dad started to teach me at home
  • started running and doing situps/pushups with regularity ... along with my disdain for cooking and spending time/money eating out, lost a lot of weight and got in shape.
  • bought a new bike... went on 48 mile bike ride around lake.
The only sad thing (and in retrospect, the most notable event) was Blythe and I breaking up. But she remains a wonderful friend.

I start classes tomorrow ... Syntax I (Linguistics), Linear Optimization (Math), and German 111. Evan's in the linguistics class I just found out, and Chuck's in my math class... cool. I'm asking for pain taking another language class, one that I don't even need to graduate even (just need any credits now... all my requirements except one writing credit are fulfilled).

6 months (2 quarters) and I'm outta here. Where, though, I don't know.

Tags: bike, lang

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