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Brad Fitzpatrick

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OMG! [Oct. 3rd, 2001|02:46 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
My note to Motivation worked! It's back in full effect, and it brought with it friends ... Energy, Happiness, Purpose.

Was it the nachos I wonder? Is that what Motiviation wanted? I bet it was! :P

School's cool. I'm really liking my schedule and classes.

Worked on my LJ todo list today during class... lot of things started clicking. Working on implementing them now while Motivation is still around. But first... must go get more nachos! (only food in house)

[User Picture]From: sensi
2001-10-03 04:48 pm (UTC)

Who wants Nachos?!

I find it awful wierd that nachos are your motivation because I'm nearly 10 weeks pregnant and just yesterday I had mexican food for lunch and those nachos were the motivation I had to admit myself to the hospital for an IV. Well, maybe the nachos were what aided to the fact that I needed to go admit myself. Well, anyways.. it's great that two people can share the same motivation. Even if yours was for the better.
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[User Picture]From: j_rod
2001-10-03 06:52 pm (UTC)

Story Time!

Glad Motivationz back, he;s been missed...but tell that fool that he owes me 500 bucks from that 'motivated' bet in Vegas..Bah! In other news....
Got another Chevron story fer ya, always worht a few laughs...
So I also got the night shift every once in a while, start the shift at 12pm and close the shop at 11pm, with about an hour to two hours of cleanup. Again, theres two of us that work at night, it just so happens I had Sal as my partner: Sal was this HUGE Mexican dude that smelled really bad, did whatever possible to avoid doing any actual work, did whatever possible to get a free ride including stealing from the register basically the laziest mutha youll ever meet. So were closing up, I scrubbed down the whole shop (we used tide and degreaser, works wonders) got the place spick and span. I was proud, but also damn tired So the LAST thing we need to do is drain the 200 gallon air compressor in the back well this thing has a small trickle valve, you turn the knob a turn and it slowly drains the moisture out the compressor. So we walked back there, its a really small hallway to get back there, Im following Sal and I see his hand go on the big red TOTAL release valve I reach my hand out and yelled NO NOT THA--- Too late, that fucker pull the wrong lever. He has been doing this job for 15 years and he pulled the wrong fucking lever. All of a sudden there was this BOOM and all I remember was this behemoth, 400 pound Mexican come flying at me, I really didnt know he could run so fast, followed by a tidal wave of dirty water and oil.. I turn to run but it was too late, I felt his belly come over the top of me as we came crashing to the floor. Frankly I didnt think I would survive the fall, but all the oil and grease made him slick as a whale, hehe, he went sliding across the floor. So now its 12:30AM, I had been there for a little over 12 hours and Sal says Come on Jared, lets get this floor cleaned up. Fuck that, Im out..:)
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