Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

whoa, evening in review time...

okay, i'm tired and about to pass out so ignore typos and shit. i'm gonna try and type this before I forget it all:

so, left seattle around 3. forgot it was friday so traffic sucked hardcore (early rushhour). shit was moving along so slow my spedometer was resting at 0 mph. a few times it got up to 10, but not for long. after about an hour i was at federal way so I got off the highway to get food and chill at sarah's to kill time. played with her bird and watched part of a movie. oh, chatted with eli some too from sarah's computer, and read billiam's journal. fun shit.

got back on the road... shit still sucked. shoudl've stayed at rarah's.

i made it to portland at 9:28, after about 6 hours on the road. suck. but i knew dina was getting off work at 9:30 so I message her and ask if she wants a ride home instead of the bus (since she can't answer the phone while she's at work on the phone) and she calls me back a few minutes later. so i take her home, she changes into party clothes, i take a shower and change into non-sit-in-traffic-for-6-hours clothes and then we go out to meet lindsay rowan and a gang of 12 people from U of O celebrating this chick's 21st. they were all really cool.

oh, saw dina's new house (which she moves into on wednesday) and then took her to some mexican treating on broadway (but the broadway in portland, not sir mix a lot's.... there was still some posse out though). for the record, the t-bell was her request (and a request 2 lanes and a half block away in the rain with traffic, no less).

so then we went to this cool club that's like in the basement of this bank building or something that isn't even labeled from the outside, except the numeric address (1210). the cool part is that it's 2 blocks from dina's place and where i parked my car.

then, much drinking, dancing, laughing, and socializing.

few hours later people start taking off. i felt like i could've probably driven safely but to be more safe i went for a big walk around the city then played guitar for quite awhile (all my shit was still in my trunk since i hand't made it home yet).

anyway, back now. coming in the door there's a note from safana saying to call her whenever i get in, no matter how late, or tomorrow. i think 3:25 is too late so i'll call her tomorrow. think we're gonna go play guitar... she's always playing guitar or french horn and other stuff up at the top of the hill out in the field on logs and shit.

need to call nicholas too ... think he wants to go running tomorrow afternoon, donthca dude? :P

(heh, homework this weekend? hmmmmmmmm....)

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