Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

day 2, part 1

Another busy day, and it's only half over... woke up early and headed to DMV to replace my custom license plates with normal ones. my mom and the DMV guy both gave me crap about it, surprised I'm getting new ones when mine don't expire until July 2003 anyway. whatever. i'm sick of them, and the I in BFITZ blocks the pretty tree. with my new plates I can see the pretty tree.

Sitting at DMV was interesting... so many people to watch. (Hoku calls it "people watching" instead of "watching people"... so cute.) The one I normally go to is closed on Saturdays so I went to another one in Sherwood which must have a large Mexican population nearby since half the people in there spoke Spanish. I was enjoying reading the often-poorly translated signs. On one sign where it had said "children 40 to 80 pounds" the Spanish sign said "hijos 40 a 85 libras". heh... spanish kids can weigh 5 more pounds and still be safer in a booster seat? :P The same sign forgot the translate the word "or" into "o". Whoops? :P An asian girl taking the vision test didn't speak English so she had to wave to her boyfriend to come over and translate... it was cute. A little baby dropped his plastic orange and it rolled near me so I picked it up and gave it back to him. He started sucking on it. Healthy. I listened to a Spanish baby learning to talk ... language acquistion is fascinating.

So after DMV I drove to Dina's and picked up my clothes. She answered the door in a towel and complemented me on my outfit (wearing the previous night's clothes). I complimented her on hers.

Met my mom at the mall and got a suit. Hooray. (glad I didn't end up getting one last week or so when I was at the mall in Seattle... then I would've had to pay for it!)

I should do homework. Nick's doing homework and refuses to do anything fun until tonight. Dedication. Impressive.

Can't get in contact with Safana (or as Cole wrote it, "Sufonna")... we've been playing phone tag all day.

Might go to the Crystal Ballroom tonight with people. I'll see what everybody wants to do.

Portland totally rules over Seattle, btw... the radio stations are all better and the roads just kick ass. From any point to any point I can choose at least 3 or 4 ways to get there, and none of them suck nowhere close to even Seattle's one route anywhere.

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