Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

whose da dude wit da words?

(18:58:44) brad: btw, i closed my fireplace flume ... i bet that'll help
(18:58:45) megan: Dunno.
(18:58:49) brad: i had cold air coming in
(18:58:50) megan: The flume?
(18:58:53) megan: YOu mean the flue?
(18:58:55) brad: oh yeah
(18:58:56) brad: that thing
(18:58:57) brad: ;-P
(18:58:57) megan: Haha
(18:59:03) brad: flume's on a pen, huh?
(18:59:09) megan: Hahahaha
(18:59:11) megan: No, that's plume.
(18:59:14) brad: oh shit
(18:59:20) megan: You're getting nowhere fast.

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