Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


This server rules... 6 hot-swap fans (3 side-by-side * 2 back-to-back for added redudancy), 3 hot-swap power supplies, 6 hot-swap PCI slots (up to 64 bit/66 Mhz), 5 hot-swap drive bays, quad-xeon capable (only have 2 in for now), 12 GB of memory (oh, and 640k system memory, of course!)

The case and everything is very well designed, too. Too bad it's hanging bringing up eth0. Silly ASL. They ship their servers with a DHCP setup. Yeah, like a server is going to be using DHCP.

Glad I didn't drip any snot into the PCI buses when I was installing the IBM ServRAID card.

Interesting: Kernel 2.4.9-ac9-2. Yay for pre 2.5^H4.10 kernels!

Shit, I thought I was going to try and work on making my journal entries interesting. I lose.

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