Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


great conversations with whitaker and revjim tonight.

whitaker randomly sent me this url (maybe it was related to some conversation?) ... makes me miss a few of those people that i haven't talked to in awhile. but more than anything it makes me happy that i'm still in contact with as many of them as i am.

have i done anything productive tonight? no, of course not. oh well.

earlier i went running again with brendan and eli joined us too. we did 3 miles in 19 minutes. rather than going faster, we should work on going further at the same pace.

can't wait until school's done. i can't wait to be at home and realize there's nothing i have to do. at least with a real job (should i actually get one... don't want to) i'd go home relaxed. with LJ only I'd still be pressured to work a little all the time, but it's not as bad as school.

we need teleporters. there are a dozen people i want to be here or i want to be there.

guess i'll work for a few hours since i have nothing else to do. i'd read my book but i think that's my bus/wait-for-bus activity now. it's made bus rides real peaceful.

was gonna say some other stuff but they're longer and better in another post. this is random post.

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