Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

suck me

(15:27:07) scott: you going to the career fair coming up?
(15:27:12) brad: sure
(15:27:13) brad: when?
(15:27:14) brad: where?
(15:27:17) brad: i need a career
(15:27:21) scott: me too :(
(15:27:21) brad: thinking maybe a wet nurse
(15:27:25) scott: hmmm
(15:27:32) brad: i'd love to get my nipples sucked on all day
(15:27:58) scott: i'm thinking you would need more experience, unless you're looking for an entry level position :P

School was rushed. Chuck said our math wasn't due until next week sometime. It was due today. I had to rush to learn and finish it, then turn it in. I ran to catch a bus. The driver complemented me on making it.

I have a billion work-related things to do now. Debating how to start.

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