Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

hack hack

Linguistics test was pretty easy. He gave us way too much time for it. Evan finished in about 20 minutes and just sat there looking bored. I love glancing over at Evan when people asking retarded questions, or when an obvious computer programmer explains something in geek terminology. I finished the test early and read my book.

Break now. Killing time.

Using gaim & loserjabber from the win2k computer lab on campus using PuTTY to tunnel X to Reflection. From there I telnet to my laptop to work on LJ, reattach my screen, and fire up emacs... emacs on X from laptop to desktop to win2k at school. Neat. Talking to Dormando and Rarah about various stuff.

But mainly I'm working on cleaning my inbox... down from 160 to 93.

Class in 15 minutes or so. Then guitar lessons which I feel like an ass for because I haven't practiced because I can't find my lesson notes book. *sigh*

Drinking tonight at Dante's!
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