Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

viel nichts

I just ruined my favorite new pants by catching a belt loop on something walking down the stairs.

I suppose that's as pointless of a way to start an entry as anything else I haven't thought of in the past few days. When I get mail from people worrying where I've gone, I guess that's when it's time to post saying I'm still alive, just non-interesting.

I had a few ideas of ways to start posting again that might be more exciting. One was to just record random 1 sentence thoughts, factual or not, line after line, without context, then post them all at the end of each day. I recorded stuff for a few days. It was bizarre. I didn't post any of it.

My other idea was to only post in German from now on. I mean, who cares? I don't care if people read my stuff anyway. I'm only writing to kill time and get non-existent ideas out. Who cares what language I do it in? Practicing German can't hurt. I think I may still do this. Only con: people correcting my grammar. But again, who cares? That's good. Learning new things is always good.

I've been running a lot lately. And doing situps and pushups. Up to 3 miles, 40 situps, and 20 pushups. I'd like to double all those numbers over the next few weeks. I need a pull-up bar too. I keep forgetting to hit Big 5 after German.

My German partner asked me the other day, "Do you smoke?" I said no, explaining my coat probably still smelled like smoke from the bar the other day. He smiled and said, "No, do you smoke?" I chuckled. "Oh.,. heh." He had an hour to kill before his next class and invited me to join him. I declined, already late for my bus, but he invited me to smoke with him this weekend. Jawohl, as Kelly would say. I missed my bus anyway and ate at World Wrapps.

Talked with a bunch of old acquaintances in the last few days. Jenna Stein is cool.

I want to get on a plane and just fly somewhere one day, telling nobody where I'm going. Flights are cheap now, right? Good time to do it. Oh, I'd come back, but it'd be fun to spend a random weekend somewhere.

Been playing Counting Crows - Round Here on guitar. Ever since I heard Safana play it I've wanted to get good at it. It's not that hard of a song but there's some random stuff in the middle of it that'd be nice to get down well.

I need to fix these pants. I hate ruining clothes. I just need a needle and thread. I think I could figure out the poking shit and making a knot part.

My homework's all done. Weekend's basically here. All my body wants to do is sleep and be warm. Not sure what I want to do, though.
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