Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

well fuck

LJ broken ... nobody to help me.
roof leaking into dining room ... nobody to help me.
bored ... nobody to help me.

i climbed up on the roof to check out the problem. there are 3 flat sections ... no slope. (great fucking design for water run-off, btw). i jump up on the first, pull myself up to the second. look over from the 2nd down onto the 3rd that's leaking. big lake on top of it. i went down to the water drain off pipe ... hardly dripping out. but it's pouring off the roof incredibly quick. obvious analysis: pipe clogged. gotta go up on another mission. mad props to chuck for losing the landlord's number...

update: all good. typing 1 char /sec ... hands frozen. fixed clogs last half hour+ brrrr hands cant move
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