Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

hi hi

so, i would go to school today, but i just don't feel like it. mainly, it's too cold. if i'd have woken up this morning to a nice warm house where the heating system worked, then i bet i would be at class now. but i'd still have regretted it because linguistics and math suck ... the respective books are 10x better than the professors. i'll go to german, but for now i'm gonna relax in my nice vornado-warmed room.

vornados rule... let me count the number of people that have them now: me, kenji, chuck, sherm. that's a lot of people i say. oh yes.

i woke up to a few minor bug reports and fixed them. is anything better than a cvs commit before morning toast and iced tea? (note: iced tea is cold. so is house. hot chocolate would have been a better choice)

so now i think i'm going to do my web-based german homework (which would be so much more fun if it was at this domain that i want). after that i'll run to my credit union (nearest one is in bellevue/crossroads?) and deposit some checks. hooray for money.

i'm picking sherm up from class today, then we're going to go geek out at internap, doing some boring shit.


oh, first look at my big zebra dick.
Tags: lang
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