Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Job Fair

They make it sound fun. Fair? Gimme a break. I'm petrified. I'm only going out of guilt because Scott's going and my parents keep asking if I'm ever going to get a real job. *gulp* Do I want a real job? I guess money would be neat. I could accumulate houses, cars, furniture, clothes, and countless toys! Yippee.

I guess this means I need to write a resume. Buzzwords on dead trees, I told Scott. I think he wants a job, though.

I went to see some movie with Chuck earlier at the HUB. It was free. It was good. I forgot its name. Notice there's no apostrophe there?

Who will cuddle me and keep me warm tonight? Nobody and not even my blankets ... I've been waking up cold every day. I need a timer on my heater to turn on an hour before I wake up each day. I want to make some hardware to do that. She won't mind that it's so geeky. Notice there was an apostrophe there? Computer, cron job, perl one-liner, serial port, ??parts??, relay, vornado. I should figure out what those mystery parts are. Time to read RS232 stuff.

I want to work on operating systems too. I read about them a lot. I think they're neat. If I didn't have to work, I'd tinker with operating systems.

I want a piano too. Like Kenji's maybe. But I wouldn't play it as much as I'd want to. And I'd be lacking a place to put it. Do I need one of those house things first? With many rooms? Shit, might need a real job.

I wish I could fork ten instances of myself and work on everything interesting in parallel: programming, hardware, operating systems, linguistics & natural languages, music... or I wish I'd get blocked/bored of one thing quick enough for me to context switch to something else without getting stressed, but I don't... I want to do everything at once, and that's aggravating.

Just remembered I have some X10 stuff in a bin somewhere. Time to apt-get install x10 heyu. I might wake up to warmth tomorrow.
Tags: perl, tech

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