Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

nothing's ideal. fuck it all.

worst day ever
having a lot of those lately

oh well, this gives me a wonderful excuse to get motivated and prepare for this type of shit. i guess.

i'm somewhat pissed though that once again i had to deal with everything.[1] dormando is useless for so much stuff like this, being on the wrong side of the country. evan and sherm (both in seattle) were unreachable, so that left me to do everything.... cause my activities are always low priority and reschedulable. like, i didn't really want to go to german today anyway. and i didn't really want to do tomorrow's homework today. and i didn't really want to sleep tonight. and i don't really want to skip the job fair tomorrow. oh, and guess i don't really need to write the resume i got interrupted writing at 10:13 this morning, 12 hours ago. or go buy food. (have I ate today? oh, had toast.)

yeah, i love working 12 hours in a row straight on crap i hate. haven't i said a million times that all i want to do is write code? but somehow i'm always stuck being the damn sysadmin because nobody else knows this shit. except revjim. ideally we'd pay him a bunch (need to care more about making money) and he'd work for us and do the tough shit remotely and evan/sherm would be the hands on dude.



[1] Update: Dormando worked with me the whole time. So I didn't do everything. But I had to drive my ass around, so I'm whiney. Let me whine. But props & love to dormando. And Evan wrote that post I linked, so props to him too.
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