Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

in other news

* ext3 rules: tune2fs -i -0 -c 0 -j /dev/hdan; emacs /etc/fstab; reboot. done.

* i can do 55 situps now in 60 seconds.

* i mailed a girl in my german class about stuff i'd missed the other day when i had to skip. we talk before class everyday (both have hour breaks and get there early) so i figured emailing her was okay. but today she didn't talk to me and seemed intently distant ... i think i creeped her out. kinda sad. but i realize now i found her email address from the UW LDAP server (which allows complicated querying), whereas the web page LDAP interface allows only search by dept, or last name, or email. i only knew her first name. yeah, i'm the stalker i guess. heh.

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