Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

good things

-- got a haircut. looking fucking sexy.

-- german girl that i was stalking replied to me the other day. she uses hotmail, not UW mail. i figured that was the case. she's been super friendly for the past week ... i'm not a stalker. damn. my german partner needs suave clothes for some formal dance at gonzaga this weekend so i'm taking him shopping since he's clueless. (thinks canada is 10 minutes north of us) she told us to come visit her at the mall (she works there). then mike and i are gonna play frisbee too.

-- lovely weather lately: cold, but not wet. cold good. wet okay. cold+wet = not good. everything's just so crisp.

-- not doing any homework really. maybe i should. but not doing any is relaxing.

-- ordered a wireless base station finally. Hacking anywhere now! Upstairs, in bed, outside, on roof!

-- work stuff: got new BIG/ip, sherm debianized a server (no work for me!), avva did some cool UTF-8 stuff, dormando is InnoDBin', code@ is busy, etc, etc, etc...
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