Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Time to post again!

Okay, I feel like posting again.

This weekend was interesting, but largely frustrating. I refrained from posting over the last few days in favor of waiting until I could mention the good parts without dwelling on the bad.

So here we go... the good stuff:

  • Drive to Portland -- I got bored Saturday evening and drove to Portland. Upon entering town I text message Dina: "where ya at?". Minute or two later: "the ohm". Minute later: open laptop and find directions. Four minutes later: I'm there. As expected, the whole crew is there... Tara, Jenn, Jenn, Lindsay, etc. Good stuff. Took Tara home and hung out with her for quite awhile. Good stuff. Got pulled over driving home from there, but only because a headlight was out. Cop was friendly.
  • further -- Got further installed and happy on my laptop. So hardcore. So cyber. I changed a few bits of it to suit my preferences. Yay for open source. I accidentally convinced Evan to rewrite it in Python. So, um... yay for that too. Now I need to learn Python better so I can write plugins.
  • Drive back to Seattle -- averaged 80 the whole way. Beats the 40 mph averages I've done when traffic really sucks.
  • Homework killin' -- finished my German homework, due tomorrow, and my math homework, due Friday (!). I was going to do my linguistics homework also but that was pushing it. Still, felt very productive.
  • Donating to C89.5fm -- gave them $50 because they're cool. And I get a t-shirt, even! This made me feel good. I like t-shirts that mean something. For instance: I love my modest mouse t-shirt ... nobody knows what it means, but I do. I saw a girl running at Greenlake once with a tshirt that just "FSF" on the back real large, with a GNU picture. I told her, "nice shirt." She smiled, startled. I knew. That's what it's all about.
  • Dante's! -- what's a Monday night without drinking with the dantes_crew? Pictures of tonight. Bizarre: recognized personaljesus (Aaron) from my German class. He knows Patrick/Abel/ToddV. Everybody at Dante's has an LJ. Did I ever mention how I was walking on campus behind two girls and overheard: "Yeah, she posted it on her LiveJournal...."? Small world, etc, etc. Afterwards I hit up Dick's. Wonderful end of the weekend.
  • fantasia -- bad ass. I'm going to write the judge, then hopefully at0m or whitaker or somebody will let us run it off their server, so we don't have access to the raw data.
Guess I'll sleep now.

(Aren't you proud of me? No whining!)

Tags: lang
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