Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

morning in review

somebody called me real early this morning. my mom has this terrible habit of giving people my damn cellphone number when they call my oregon number (which they always find), and i have this habit of leaving my cellphone on, in case I get an important phone call. anyway, i looked at the phone, it said "* Private Number *" and I shut it off and went back to bed.

i heard chuck leave the house and get in his car about that time. i was considering giving him my math to turn in, but was too comfy in bed to run upstairs and catch him.

so i came to campus, went to math, gave homework to chuck to turn in. i had intended to stay, but i just wasn't feeling up to it.

so instead i went to mgh to kill time and clean my inbox. i found a bunch of important and interesting emails i'd let slip by. i replied to the interesting ones at least. inbox is now at 36 messages... i can view them all on one screen. hooray, i guess.

getting kinda hungry now. guess i'll walk up the ave, find an atm machine, then get some phad thai before german.

la la la. (good song, eh?)

i had interesting things to share but it'll have to wait until after i eat. bye.

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