Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

misc things

i've been up since 1:30.

today is apple cup day. note to self: do not try to drive anywhere today.

i went to internap about an hour ago. it was a nice drive. i think i should do this sleeping schedule all the time! i could be a morning person ... lot of interesting things happen in the morning to watch: sun rising, people starting their day, ... um, probably other stuff.

okay, getting kinda tired now. i guess i'll nap for a bit and wake up later.

lot of good shit happening "at work" lately. innodb might be working! i've found two bugs in it and sent in two bug reports. finnland & sweden dudes be fixin' it all. score.

i found a shirt back that i'd been missing. i'm doing laundry now. i washed my blankets. i opened up the washing machine and they were just about dry already. magic material, apparently.

i love reading germans posting on the mod_backhand mailing list. so cute. :P well, interesting. i found my "learn german" CDs back. they have games. i'm going to play games and learn more vocab.
Tags: lang

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