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Brad Fitzpatrick

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sleep = good [Nov. 17th, 2001|08:13 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
today's really kicked ass. lots of sleep is good.

my blankets are so comfy and nice smelling now. i need to wash the rest of my bedding and other laundry now. out of laundry soap stuff... off to the store again.

i went to internap again earlier, even though i told myself not to drive anywhere. yeah, well, football traffic got me. getting on I-5 from downtown seattle was backed up, all because of football. stupid seattle. stupid sporting events. everybody should walk there or watch it on TV. but i'm a hypocrite: i could've taken the bus downtown. but i love my car! and it loves me. i need to wash it again. it always gets dirty. i think it wants a garage. i want a garage too. i want lots of money sometime. that could buy me a garage, maybe with a house attached too.

i'm going to go stand on our roof and look for pretty stuff in the sky. i better see something because it's cold out there. i need gloves! i want more clothes in general. i have tons now, but i want more. i think i'm about 8 years late or so into discovering the fun that comes from buying clothes.

oh, i got $300 back from the state of oregon because they collected too much taxes from people or something. score. i'll buy an mp3 player now, then i'll run more often, because music will keep me company.

[User Picture]From: angelicdestiny
2001-11-17 09:34 pm (UTC)

hi boyfriend.

"i better see something because it's cold out there".

me too. and my fuckin hair is *still* wet. it better dry soon. i need a roof to stand on. i bet theyd get mad next door if i got on theirs :o\ doubt ill see anything, anyway. blah.


i am bored.

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