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dante's ruled, as usual, with the dantes_crew. i met some new people, but i don't know usernames. screw usernames. sdklfj s school lkdfj lsdjflksdjf LJ lksdjf lksj flk jlskdjf lksjf LJ lks jlkd lfksf lksf lksjfd LJ lksjdf lksj oiwue worok olknsdkl happiness ioph jlksdvlk lack sdv blah sdlkfj lkj wods lskdjflk whining sdklfj what sdkfj lam lkjsdf i lksdjf looking lksdjf for lskdjflksdf dunno sdlkfjsd

not sure which is worse for me: the pitcher or so of beer, or dick's afterwards.

amber is cool. she offered to be my shopping buddy. yay for clothes & shopping buddies! (well, advisor?, but buddy sounds cooler)

skip the next two days of class? wednesday, at least. might go to german tomorrow.

sjfdlksjdflksjdlkfeverrthgn sdfiosjfi i write lskjd foisuonds the sdf ssame alksdjlkdsjf lk

i think i'll work now. no, i have to work now.
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