Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hi, i'm going to post again

Filling up your friends list? Deal.

So I'm doing my linguistics homework now. It's lame and easy, but I hate it. I want to be doing other stuff.

I was going to drive to Portland tomorrow, and people think I'm coming (family, Nick, Dina) but screw it, I'm going to be too tired and I don't feel like packing tonight. I should be doing my homework if anything.

So new plan: come home after class, chill, drive when I feel like it.

Pet peeve of the hour: smart people thinking you're dumb and talking shit. Oh, homework too, but that's not unique to now.

Went running with Brendan earlier. Dark, cold, rainy ... fucking awesome. Ears got cold.

Went to dinner with a bunch of people. I now have a big fat calzone to finish eating tomorrow.

I got my webcam working again. Three problems: no ethernet, no power, I had forgot its IP address. All now resolved.

I had 3 projects to finish today. I only finished 1. But I talked on AIM a lot... does that count for anything??? :-P Yes. (is homework a project? okay, 1 for 4.)

So tired. Need to finish this homework quick and email it to Evan ... he'll print it for me and hand it in cause he's cool like that.

I got a reply back from my German teacher:
Grüsse Brad,
Tut mir leid, dass ich dir so spät antworte. Du kannst noch 'rewrites' für Journal 3, 5 und 6 (die letzten zwei) einreichen. Am Mittwoch schreiben wir auch ein 5-Punkt Quiz über das 'Wetter'wortschatz.

Bis morgen,
Alles Gute
Yay for German. Interesting side note: it seems my comprehension abilities are growing faster than linear with time, though my generation abilities are only about linear. I guess that's okay. I'm trying to recall if I was the same way learning Spanish, and I think I was. I wonder if that's common for everybody.

Update: Finished my lingustics homework. Worst homework I've ever done. I'll take any partial credit he gives me. Turning in something feels better than nothing, even if I get zero either way.
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