Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Let me reiterate once again how sleep is the Coolest Fucking Thing in the World.

I took a 4+ hour nap yesterday to prepare myself for Dante's and when I got home I wasn't even tired yet.

But I slept anyway because, well... see above.

So I had some fucked up dreams. The best one involved giving Joe and Travis a ride home, and then we got in a car accident when I-5 suddenly changed into F-Zero. We spun the car a few times and then kept trying to get it started again, but cars kept smashing into us going by.

I woke up at 4:45 am this morning, ready to start my day. But did I? Nope. I took my morning piss and went back to bed because, well... see paragraph 1.

I started to get my morning barrage of phone calls a little early today, at about 9. So I stayed up after that.

I'm thinking back to some things I talked about with a girl last night and I'm thinking she's perhaps 10x more clever/tricky than I imagined. She's been known to be like that, but I think I might've forgot. Must stay alert!

I made toast.

Ich werde meine Deutsche Hausaufgaben jetzt machen. Ich muß etwa[1] meine Wochenende in mein Journal schreiben.

[1] etwa oder über?
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