Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


fuck everything

not a good day

i can't even think of a single thing to be happy about lately:

work? no.
school? no.
social life? no.

trying to do my math.... no fucking clue what i'm doing. or rather, i think i know what i have to do, but it's really tedious and drawn out, so i don't want to do it, hoping that it's the wrong way and there's a much easier way that i'm not seeing.

time blocks school.
school blocks work.
work blocks happiness.
happiness blocks social life.
social life blocks happiness.

hungry too, but out of food. too angry to go out and be social i think. (bowling, red robins, etc)

i missed my bus this morning. i drove to school, sat through german just waiting to leave. never even took off my coat.

i went running today with brendan, that was good at least. except my normal running clothes i found in the bottom of my laundry bin, soaking wet from last run, starting to smell like mold or something.

out of laundry soap crap. out of food. solution: store.

twice today i just randomly screamed. i think people are home now so i'm actively making an effort to restrain myself. it didn't help much anyway.

60 school days until graduation.
but what really counts is real days.

time to unblock shit, even at the cost of killing an uncompleted task.
kill -9 math
i'll go eat now
then i'll work all night
school can blow me.

my brother told me: "C's get degrees"
Tags: blow me, lang

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