Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stupid AT&T

Whenever I call a big company with an intricate voicemail system, I always fire up a text editor or grab a piece of paper and record my navigation so it's easier the next time.

I've got AT&T Broadband down as:

1 (touch tone phone)
3 (product support)
2065244294 1 (yes, correct)
2 (having problems)

At that point, it plays a long non-interruptable message about unplugging all your shit and plugging it back in. Yes, thanks, wish that worked. Or, stay on the phone for the next customer care specialist, or whatever.

"I will no connect you...."


I've tried four times now. There's no hope. I foresee modem usage for a long time. I see the same behavior whether I plug a Windows machine, Linux machine, or Linksys router into the cable modem... DHCP works, but can't ping my gateway. Just verifying they don't block the Linksys MAC address ranges, I changed that too, and then I got a new IP address, but the same broken gateway and network mask.

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