Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Went running with my mp3 for the first time. It's nice ... the beat keeps the pace. Most the time, that is. Some songs with bizarre rythms just don't work at all.

I tried calling AT&T again.

Try 1: busy
Try 2: busy
Try 3: got through to some man, who transferred me to tech support: busy.
Try 4: busy
Try 5: busy
Try 6: got through to some lady, who said that's a tech support issue. I asked what I called. She said "customer service". (even though I'd navigated through the menus to "my service is fucked", which you think might transfer me to tech support automatically?). this lady also gave me the "direct" number to tech support. transferred: wait on hold 5 minutes listening to Musak: then turns busy.
Try 7: (now to tech support) busy
Try 8: wait for 5 minutes, music stops.

I fucking give up.

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