Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I want to go fast

I want to go fast.

I want to work on one thing and keep going and going and not thinking about anything else.

I used to program on one thing for weeks at a time, stopping only to sleep (rarely), eat, and get more Dr. Pepper.

Now I work on 500 things and get nothing done anywhere. My grades are terrible this quarter. No, seriously. I'm getting 50% on everything.

I've previously compared my problem to context switching in an operating system. Destroying my cache, etc, etc.

I now have a better analogy.

I stop, change direction, go, stop, go, turn around, stop go. Try doing this in your car. Total mileage covered in a few minutes will be a lot less than me doing 90 down I-5.

So what's the destroyed cache in this analogy? Energy lost to friction. I want a flywheel to spin up and capture that energy so I can reuse it as I constantly break.

But no... it's lost to heat and worn brake pads. Read: Stress.

But whatever. When this ride is over, I'm back to cruising. Well... literally, actually. December 21st I'm going on a cruise in the Caribbean mit meinen Familie. But after that.... it's focus time.

I ... Need ... To ... Focus.

Admittedly my motivation's been low lately, but I blame that on lack of momentum. (Momentum :: Motivation) Recall p = m*v. I have much m (much fun stuff to do). Low v (oscillating between 0 and 10 mph).

I want to go 90 mph.
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