Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


(03:19:41) her: oh okay then. you can grab my butt/
(03:19:48) me: tomorrow?
(03:19:50) me: shopping?
(03:20:02) me: haha... you must say yes to one!
(03:20:07) me: and i can take it as either
(03:20:10) me: mea hwha hahahah
(03:21:14) her: hahaha youre so evil.
(03:21:33) me: can we just sit on a bench in the mall and makeout?
(03:21:39) me: behind a fake tree?
(03:21:41) me: nobody would notice
(03:22:02) her: on a mall bench behind a fake tree? youre so romantic.
(03:22:15) me: i'll buy you corndogs!
(03:22:42) her: mmmm corndogs.
(03:22:51) me: slut.
(03:23:03) her: haha
(03:23:08) her: thanks.
(03:23:20) me: anytime. :P

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