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At 10 I was crawling into bed when I remembered I had linguistics homework... which involved reading several chapters first.

I was kinda cranky about it at first, but I always end up enjoying it. Like this:
By contrast, whether is an interrogative Complementiser which can introduce finite and nonfinite Clauses alike; whereas if is an interrogative Complementiser which can only introduce finite Complement Clauses: cf.
  • I don't know [whether/if I should agree].
  • I don't know [whether/*if to agree]
And how German can start with Complementisers:
Ob Johanna den Wagen verkauft hat?
Whether Joan the car sold has
"Has Joan sold the car?"

Dass mir das nicht früher aufgefallen ist!
That me to no earlier struck is
"To think that it didn't strike me earlier!"
Fun stuff. If only I'd started doing both German and lingustics stuff earlier in college. There were a bunch of classes I took that I'm no more the better for. I wish I could've done fun stuff instead, and maybe double majored.

Anyway ... back to reading & homework. And then sleep! Have to wake up early tomorrow. Last Monday!

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