Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Good evening

I went to Barnes & Noble to study math. I ended up buying a German kid/teenager book and skimming through it. I'll need a dictionary to fully understand it, but I was happy I was able to understand as much as I did. Over reading just a few pages, I learned a lot of things. You could study grammar forever, but until you start seeing the grammar used, you won't know it. That's how you have to learn everything: observe, study, observe, study. When I learn protocols/languages, I alternate between reading the spec and sniffing packets/reading code. No different.

Anyway, then I went to Starbuck's and actually studied math. I was surrounded by cute girls studying also. And then Dana, the cutest of them all (heheh), saw me from outside and came to visit. I think the other girls were jealous... I saw two of them looking at her as she walked out. Heh. :P

After that I went to OUGL to study but ended up realizing, "there are lots of books here... I bet I could find cool German books.". And I did... two whole rows of books on German grammar and such. I sat on a stool and skim-read one and checked out another three. When he scanned my card it beeped a bunch and he asked, "Have you never checked out a book on this card?" Heh. 1 quarter to go at UW and I've never checked out a book. Pathetic?

Now I'm back home and I'm going to make an attempt to study math again. I'm not worried about it, but I don't feel like I should be doing anything right now besides studying.
Tags: lang

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