Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


That math test was so my bitch. I was like, bitch, you ain't got nothin' on me. Just sit there and be quiet while I scribble pencil lead all over your easy ass.

On the bus on the way home I read 20 pages in my German book. I don't know 80% of the words, but half of those I can infer and half just don't matter... you only really need to understand every tenth word to know what's going on. Language is wonderfully redudant like that. Those other 9 words out of 10 are just details/emphasis. The cool thing is I'll be able to re-read this book a dozen times and keep getting more out of it.

I took the 74 bus home again ... you have to walk up the hill instead of down, but it's worth it: the 74 bus is so much cleaner, less smelly, and more comfy. And it's a 1-piece bus, not a bendy one, so it seems less bouncy and faster. I <3 74 bus.

I mailed a girl in my German class to study with her, but I mailed the wrong person. So now I'm going to mail my German teacher and ask if she can give me her email address.

Oh, did I mention?:
I'm Done With Math For The Rest Of My Life!
heh, yay for CSS. that was my second time ever using it. are you proud?

1 final down, 2 to go.
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