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Wo sind die Wörter?

(18:50:31) Brad how do you say "ass" ?
(18:50:34) Brad as in, "she has a nice ass."
(18:50:38) Calliste: Po
(18:50:48) Calliste: Sie hat einen netten Po. oder schönen Po
(18:50:49) Brad Sie hat eine nett Po.
(18:50:56) Brad what's gender?
(18:51:00) Calliste: Arsch would be ... really ass
(18:51:02) Calliste: der Po
(18:51:04) Brad ah
(18:51:12) Brad i thought ass would be feminine. :)
(18:51:22) Brad i like my asses feminine, anyway. :)
(18:51:29) Calliste: um... you sure? well I don't know about the women you know!
(18:51:33) Calliste: haha! me too!
(18:51:35) Calliste: lol
(18:51:37) Calliste: anyway
(18:51:46) Brad heh
(18:51:56) Calliste: no, ass is Arsch. Like in asshole - Arschloch
(18:54:27) Calliste: the cheeks are Pobacken. Oder Arschbacken.
(18:55:38) Calliste: Penis - Penis. colloquial - Schwanz. There are tons of more words. Testicles - Hoden. Oder colloquial: Eier. Oder: Sack. Um... crotch: Schritt. (like, Michael Jackson greift sich dauernd in den Schritt)
(18:56:31) Calliste: vagina - Vagina oder Scheide. cunt - Fotze. Spelling not entirely clear, could be Votze too. But never say it. children's word for it: Muschi. Amazingly enough, old people say Muschi to cats too, so it's a bit like pussy, except that it's childish
(18:58:27) Brad Sack. :)
(18:58:57) Calliste: yeah, you can also combine that word and for instance make "Sackgesicht" out of it
(18:59:01) Brad the pussy parallel between english and german is interesting.
(18:59:06) Calliste: I think so too
(18:59:09) Brad testicle face!
(19:00:37) Calliste: yep!
(19:00:41) Calliste: one of the best insults ever
(19:00:46) Calliste: next to Wichser
(19:00:52) Brad rad. mind if i post this conversation for the education of others?
(19:01:03) Calliste: oh btw, you know that "Schwanz" means "tail"?
(19:01:07) Calliste: hee hee... go ahead
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