Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

La la la

For as much German stuff I did today, I didn't really study for my final much. Whatever. I'm not worried. Compared to the fear of a math/science final, a language final is nothing.

I'm having breakfast tomorrow beforehand with Evan and a classmate of mine. Denny's Grease!

Speaking of Denny's... I've been eating unhealthier lately, and running less. The effects are noticeable. Bleh. I wanted to be in shape for my fun in the sun. I guess I'll run a bunch over the next week. I've noticed it doesn't take me long at all to get in shape (or fall out of shape....)

After the final Sherm and I are meeting up to hand off the goods. (ssssshhhhh....) Best part: I don't have to take the bus home. Mwa hah hah.

Okay, time to sleep, if I can.
Tags: lang

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