Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

"Is it loud right now?"

Last night our bitchy neighbor came over to angrily complain about how our loud music keeps her up at night. She even rang the doorbell a few dozen times in a row.

Except ... our house was dead silent.

Her: "Your music keeps me up at night!"
Kenji: (says nothing, tips his head in the house, trying to hear something, anything...) "Is it loud right now?" (sarcasm, indicating there's not a fucking sound in our house)
Her: "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't!"
Kenji: "Well, nobody here's playing music."
Her: "Maybe it was coming from the downstairs then."
Me (from the stairs): "I was sleeping." (welll, almost)
Her: "Well..... I'll just have to go find out where it's coming from them!"
Kenji: "Um, okay."

Turned out to a a party two blocks below us. Looked/sounded like a fun party. We should've went down and checked it out. Except that she got on her phone and called the cops or something. (we saw her inside our house from our deck) ... our houses are 3 feet apart.

10 minutes and I'm off to catch the bus to the U-District. At noon I'll be done with 2/3 of my finals! (wait... can't get ahead of myself.)

Oh, my laptop is still broken ... I called them yesterday to point out again that it's unfixed and they seemed genuine concerned and said they were bumping its priority or something so I'd have it before my vacation. But I really fucking doubt it.... they're going to call me Monday? I doubt they'll come Monday. *sigh*

Some random girl is sleeping on our couch.

Okay, I'm off to catch the bus!

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