Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I can't focus on working, because I have a final remaining.

I can't study, because I'm too tired.

I can't sleep, because Chuck & Kenji have people over upstairs. The floor is constantly squeaking as they wrestle around on the couch and I can hear the sound from the movie. Asking them to turn it down is ineffective as 1) I can hear the volume at any level, 2) I'd still hear the squeaking from 5 people moving about up there, 3) I'm always the bitch that has to say shutup.

I think 9 months in a house with other people is my limit. That's all the longer I lasted in 5251 before going crazy, and it's been slowing building here as well. This is an incredibly huge step up from 5251, but it's still not my ideal.

Kenji asked me last week if we could have a party at our house sometime. He actually asked me a bunch... few times a day for awhile. I finally said, "yeah, sure, sometime." Then I found out some girl in his class wanted to throw a party here, with a bunch of people we don't know, and they were going to pay us $100 and take care of everything, including cleaning up. Sure. So I said screw that, and Kenji had to mail the girl back saying a roommate of his had changed his mind. Not like I ever changed it, though I never knew what the situation was. Kenji just conveniently forgot to tell me details. Our house is messy enough. Not like we need a bunch of random people contributing to the problem.

They started another movie, so I'm guessing they'll finish it and the noise will stay around. That means I need to find something brainless to do (i.e. not study, and not work). Gee, life would be nice if I didn't have to think much.

So tired. :-/

All I want is to not have to go to bullshit school, have a nice, clean, quiet house, get to work on fun stuff whenever I want, be able to travel at will, and have a wonderful girlfriend..... is this too much to ask for?

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