Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Linguistics day!

I get to read my linguistics book all day today... fun fun.

Bizarre dream last night:
Chuck and I were driving through a shopping mall in my car. He had to hop out and open doors for me while I drove in and out ... it was hard to get both doors open at once without banging up the side of the car as the door closed. Driving around the mall, we saw Joe sitting at a bar, drinking and eating Mentos or something. He said he's there's every Sunday night. We went to go park the car in the parking lot and then went back in to visit him, but first we walked through the back of a Pizzeria. When we got back to the bar, he was gone. But then people started yelling at us, and we saw he was sitting down at a table with a few girls, all eating pizza. We all went back to the car, but it had turned into an over-sized bike. Joe got on it and broke it. He apologized, but we realized it was broken before he got on it. We twisted something and then it worked, and we all rode off.
Had a cool idea last night right before I fell asleep:
Make a 256 MB blank file with dd, put VFAT filesystem on it with mkdosfs, keep it mounted via the loopback at all times, then use hotplug scripts to automatically mount my Nex2 (async) and rsync from the local nex2 mirror to my nex2 whenever I plug it in, possibly with a pretty progress bar (or at least a console window with the rsync --progress). That means over the course of a day I can decide which files I want on my nex2 for the next day, slowly making changes, then just rsync before I leave... without wasting unnecessary battery power. Essentially I'm queuing all my operatings to the device for later. I believe this is how the iPod works, which got me thinking about to simulate its behavior.
Back to linguistics .....
Tags: bike

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