Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Whoa -- video loopback

After doing the loopback thing in my previous post, I started to think more about loopback stuff in other cases...

I wanted to use my Axis network camera with the motion program, but realized there probably were no Video4Linux drivers for it. I wondered if anybody had written a video loopback device, so I could combine my "fetchimage" program (which gets a frame or stream of frames from the camera) and feed it to the V4L subsystem.

I seached google for "video loopback" and lookie here:

With this it should be trivial to write a daemon which feeds the loopback device and thus makes my Axis cam show up as a V4L device to everything else.

Then I'll be able to use motion. Hoo-ray.

Oh, back to reading linguistics. This was all a diversion as I was lying on my bed and realized 1) my camera doesn't do much, and 2) whenever I build a new kernel, not using the Video4Linux menu makes me realize I'm missing out on something.

After this final, it's play time.

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