Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


T-12 hours until this quarter is done. Well, 12 hours and 40 minutes if the final takes a full 2 hours. I hope not.

I've been studying all day but not much is sticking. Maybe enough.... we'll see.

Mentally and physically I'm already done. Even if I fail tomorrow morning's midterm I'll still get an acceptable grade in the class. The homework component of our final grade is 50% of our grade, and I think I did it all. My two midterm scores were adequate, and that's another 25% of our grade.

But really, I could give less of a shit about grades at this point. I think my largest motivation for studying at this point is so I can finish the thing quicker.

Dell better fix my laptop tomorrow. I leave Tuesday morning. Otherwise I have no laptop on the cruise (no place to offload digital camera pictures), and no LJ development environment in Oregon. (though I suppose I could bring my desktop system down there... bleh)

I'm off to Evan's to study in a bit here. He thought the final was Tuesday, so he just started a couple hours ago. Heh.

Fuck this is a boring post. But at least it killed some time I'd otherwise be studying. Score.

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