Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

xmas eve

i guess the family watches TV thursday nights, so we did xmas eve tonight, opening presents and all that, since we'll be in the caribbean for xmas and leaving a ton of gifts around the tree while we're gone is asking to be robbed or something.

so i got a bunch of clothes, which is nice, but not as exciting as xmas used to be. i didn't get anybody else gifts, out of laziness basically. but that's good, because i found out today i need to pay an obscene sum in taxes. like, in vague scientific notation: $(more than a few)e^(more than a few). yes, that much. but at least all that money will go to blowing up some other country or something. hooray. </sarcasm>

had fun with dina and the girls last night. dina and i went and stole a xmas tree from some farm. i cut it... it felt xmas-ish. the girls were thrilled... i don't think they stopped being excited about it all night. their cat loved it too. and they loved that their cat loved it. etc, etc.

got laser hair removal on the back of my neck today... that was kinda fun. zap zap zap. now i don't have to shave it ever or something.

been working all day.

got sub-pixel (LCD 3x resolution) anti-aliasing working with X & KDE yesterday. sexy sexy. except in logjam (GTK... blech. :P)

my brother got a Nex2 also. cole got a bunch of stuff.

back to work.

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